Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yay for May Calendar

During April we witnessed a mixed bag of planetary blessings.  Many of the planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus) have been in Aries.  This means there's been plenty of energy around to start new projects, new relationships and new beginnings.  The down side is that the kind of aggression needed to start things can also rub people the wrong way. 

It's been great having Mars there too, but enough is enough, and the frenetic energy we've been experiencing is starting to wear thin on our nerves.  People starting new relationships need more soothing energy now so that things can progress socially. 

Luckily - Mars is leaving Aries around Tuesday (depending on where you live) and entering peaceful Taurus.  This will have a calming influence in many ways because Mars won't be conjuncting and energizing all the other planets that are currently in Aries.  Besides, Mars in it's own sign can be a bit much! 

Mars in Taurus will bring a lot more groundedness to our goings-on.  The downside of Mars in Taurus is that we have too much aggressive energy to do Taurian things - namely, spend money, eat and indulge in luxuries. The upside is it's great for actually getting things done, whereas Aries mostly just starts things, and moves on, leaving things unfinished.  

We're coming up on the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aries which will be felt most strongly on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  This is a great social aspect!  Plus – the Moon will be in Leo which is usually a lively period of time.  This all means it's generally a good time to schedule get togethers, romantic evenings and lunch with friends for the bulk of the week.  People will be feeling more generous emotionally.   The downside is, again, the urge to overspend and overeat. 

Also, by Wednesday and Thursday Mercury will conjunct Jupiter, and Mars will sextile Neptune.  This is an incredibly positive set of aspects.  We should be feeling happy and a bit lightheaded with this triple conjunction.  This is a great time to ask for a raise or get people to do your bidding.   Just be sure to check your own personal aspects, and any aspect the Moon will be making in your local time zone.  By the end of the week the Moon will be in Virgo which is more subdued and critical compared to Leo, but we expect the energy will still be positive and outgoing.

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