Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend update 12/17/2011

Last quarter Moon is upon us. It has been very challenging, with the two eclipses in this Lunar cycle (Since Thanksgiving). Things are actually winding down? If it doesn't seem like it, do something energizing to release stress.

Mercury Septile Venus:
There is a rainbow to be found in communications with the joy of beauty with the old and the future... spend time talking and nurturing, it helps everyone. There might be a different twist, or you over do it, no worries, it all works out.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mercury retrograde ending sooner than you think!

Hello All,
Here's a quick astro update.

Tuesday December 13, at 5:42 PM (PST) Mercury goes direct ending its retrograde motion, and moving forward.

AND the last day or so before that, mental energy is strong and focused as Mercury slows to a stand still.

Even before Tuesday night, the delays and walls that have been going on can start to move out of the way.
Stay open for the good to get going!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do You Feel Lucky? or....Venus is tucked in, under the Sun's protection?

Dear friends,

How are you?

Having a tuff Mercury retrograde? I went looking for a sweet spot and found this...

Venus is moving along with the Sun right now (Cazimi). August 16th 2011 (PDT)

A gift of luck? Below is a definition of Cazimi from wikipedia. As you will read: Now is possibly a lucky time. If you know your charts look for the aspects...., if you have a nice aspect to 23º/24º of Leo that will help.

There are another 24 hours of this possibly lucky time, as of this posting. It ends around 5 AM PDT Aug 17th.

If you feel it, this lucky time may pay off.

Sun 0º Venus with in 17 minutes of arc is defined below from wiki:

Cazimi (also spelled Casimi, and sometimes called Zaminium) is a technical Arabic word meaning "heart of the Sun" or "in the heart of the Sun." It is an astrological term meaning a planet that is in exact conjunction with or very near the precise center of the solar disc. A planet that forms a conjunction with the Sun within 17' (arc minutes) of partile (exactitude) is said to be Cazimi, literally engulfed and fortified by Sol and, as it also may be interpreted, "in the heart of the Sun." According to a psychological approach to astrology the Sun, representing the Ego, engulfs the energies of the planet in Cazimi and is said to imbue it with the intensely positive and life-giving energy and power of the Sun.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Moon in Leo coming!

New Moon in Leo coming! (Saturday July 30, at 11:40am PDT)

A new starting point for many.

This new moon happens on the U.S. "North Node" (7 Leo).
Will we have a new leader, a new beginning, or a change in 'direction' for our country?
Seems like the Debt issue is going to be a part of this.

Who has a point in common with this event? Sun signs born near the end of the months of July, October, January, and April, will connect with this energy.
Look at your charts.... anything at or around 7 fixed?
(Leo, Aquarius, even Taurus and Scorpio)

Best to everyone and thank you for your support,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yay for May Calendar

During April we witnessed a mixed bag of planetary blessings.  Many of the planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus) have been in Aries.  This means there's been plenty of energy around to start new projects, new relationships and new beginnings.  The down side is that the kind of aggression needed to start things can also rub people the wrong way. 

It's been great having Mars there too, but enough is enough, and the frenetic energy we've been experiencing is starting to wear thin on our nerves.  People starting new relationships need more soothing energy now so that things can progress socially. 

Luckily - Mars is leaving Aries around Tuesday (depending on where you live) and entering peaceful Taurus.  This will have a calming influence in many ways because Mars won't be conjuncting and energizing all the other planets that are currently in Aries.  Besides, Mars in it's own sign can be a bit much! 

Mars in Taurus will bring a lot more groundedness to our goings-on.  The downside of Mars in Taurus is that we have too much aggressive energy to do Taurian things - namely, spend money, eat and indulge in luxuries. The upside is it's great for actually getting things done, whereas Aries mostly just starts things, and moves on, leaving things unfinished.  

We're coming up on the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aries which will be felt most strongly on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  This is a great social aspect!  Plus – the Moon will be in Leo which is usually a lively period of time.  This all means it's generally a good time to schedule get togethers, romantic evenings and lunch with friends for the bulk of the week.  People will be feeling more generous emotionally.   The downside is, again, the urge to overspend and overeat. 

Also, by Wednesday and Thursday Mercury will conjunct Jupiter, and Mars will sextile Neptune.  This is an incredibly positive set of aspects.  We should be feeling happy and a bit lightheaded with this triple conjunction.  This is a great time to ask for a raise or get people to do your bidding.   Just be sure to check your own personal aspects, and any aspect the Moon will be making in your local time zone.  By the end of the week the Moon will be in Virgo which is more subdued and critical compared to Leo, but we expect the energy will still be positive and outgoing.

For more info on upcoming transits see:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Action-Packed April Calendar

by Shawn Sykora, AstrologistBlog

April 2011 – The biggy - Neptune into the sign of Pisces! ... and now we get to our interior and connect to our selves and the world. If you're playing a card game like astrology bridge, bet Aries, or fold.

April 1 - Right off the bat!  Mars enters Aries and the energy just won't stop!  We get the bolt of energy and action IS the answer.  This is more dynamic by the fact that Mars rules Aries and the planets in Aries now are: Mercury (retrograde), Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus!

April 2 - The Moon will run through Aries and conjunct FIVE planets, 'Stellium for 6 please!'  If you have Aries energy you might just hit light speed.  If slow is your better style, carry supplies, no rest for the weary. (Not to mention Retrograde Mercury hits  FIVE as well over the next 17 days.)

April 3 -DAY 3- you tired yet?!  Today Mars touches Uranus, then Sun opposes Saturn.  The action is beyond over the top, and hopefully genius wins out meltdown.  Then it's an exaltation showdown. Power vs. the old way, with a conclusion on the 6th.

April 4 -The biggy - Neptune into the sign of Pisces. This IS truly HUGE. Think Galaxy, no Universe. This is the all encompassing all feeling, all knowing kind of energy we need to deal with all the changes that are right in our face at this time. The power of connection of the whole is paramount to the salvation of our Earth and humanity.  Well Neptune into Pisces is just the plant and position to do it. The huge jolt from Uranus moving into Aries has started to shake up everything.  Now we will use our compassion to unite and use the power of the masses to come together and assist one another to do what is right for the people- that is being themselves (noting Ayn Rand).

We will all join and heal the world.  Many will start to think like the few do about health, healing, healthy: food, thoughts, politics, getting along, legalize natural medicine, Astrology, being free, listening to the self.

Here's a quote ..........When we realize we are part of the same family then we'll come up with real solutions.
–Charles H. Wright  

April 6 - What happened late over the weekend? Now Jupiter lets us see the positive.

April 9 - Pluto stations retrograde and the Sun connects with Retrograde Mercury- slow down and work the plan.

April 11 -Mars square Pluto and Mercury hits Jupiter. New do vs. old power.

April 17 - New Moon at 27 Libra.    See Linda Hill, see what rocks!

April 18 - Mars opposite Saturn. The Moon squaring the U.S. Nodes, and Mars and Saturn in Virgo-Pisces dwads look for the care vocations come under pressure.

April 19 - Mercury conjunct Mars.  Last hit of the FIVE

April 20 - Sun enters Taurus – first man in.  The first feeling of, enough of this action, time to rest, enjoy, eat, count your adornments.  Wait –Venus into Aries, back to Mars is ruling most.

April 22 - Venus touches Uranus, Genius, youth and beauty, come out.

April 23 - Mercury station direct 12 Aries 53.

April 27 - Venus square Pluto. 

April 30 - Venus opposite Saturn, Mars conjunct Jupiter.

May 2  - A new Moon in Taurus squares Neptune's Nodes, we get to more slow down and through May non-luminary  planets enter Taurus (Mercury,Venus, Mars)... of 'What do you like and want'?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2012: Mayan Elder Wisdom

Here is a positive for some of the questions about
"What is going on?"
The future is bright, you are making it better.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 2011 Highlights

by Shawn Sykora and Nancy Schorr

Wow, March 2011 is busy!  The unique events start to happen in a big way.  We have Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and the Moon's Nodes all changing signs this month.

March 3rd, the Moon's North node leaves Capricorn and enters Sagittarius.  This begins an 18-month focus on communicating, teaching, learning, and whatever else makes your head spin.  March 9th, Mercury enters Aries, and because of it's retrograde motion, stays in Aries until May 15th.  This gives us a new refreshing period of new thoughts, communications, mental energy and new beginnings. 

March 11th, Uranus enters Aries (our personal favorite) – and things really start to rock!  Power to the people and making things happen!  We already see revolutions in countries across the planet.  Scientists all over the world are using LENR (cold fusion) to create low-cost or even "free" energy.  Most of the inventions during the next 7 years will assist the masses and make life better for the good of all.

March 20th Spring begins – the Sun goes into Aries, and March 26th Venus enters Pisces which lasts through April 20th.  This is a nice example of a dual exaltation because the Sun is exalted in Aries, and Venus is exalted in Pisces.  The Sun in Aries will give the newly found Uranus in Aries an serious kickstart (it conjuncts it within hours of entering this fiery, start-up sign), while Venus in Pisces will help us all still feel a little bit compassionate about each other.

March 30th starts another 'Mercury Retrograde' cycle which happens about 3 times a year.  Mercury retrograde 'motion' is about slowing down to work on "re" words, such as:  rethink, redo, realize, recognize, relax, revisit and review.  Make sure to dot your i's and cross your t's.   Contracts – and even simple communications – can be misread, misinterpreted, or misplaced, so take special care with all forms of communication.   Always get a copy or have an extra to show other parties on hand.

Days to watch out for:  March 13th, Mercury squares Pluto – ouch –  and March 18,  Mercury opposite Saturn – ouch again.   All dates are in Pacific Time.

To see calendars for all months of 2011: