What's included above:

Planets: Moon though Pluto (no Chiron or asteroids)
Aspects: Conjunct, Sextile, Square, Trine, Opposition and Quincunx (150). 
Also included: Void moons (the standard Solar Fire output)
Style: Western Tropical
Timezone: Google should adjust the times for your time zone. If that fails, it's unlikely yet possible that you are viewing it in my time zone - Pacific Time.

For this calendar to display with the correct times, you must have your Google time zone settings set correctly.  It's possible they are already set correctly by default. To check, see this page:   Google Calendar Time Zones

To subscribe to this calendar, you need a Google Account. However, the calendar has grown extremely large (almost 300,000 lines) because it goes back to 2010. So many browsers, calendar apps, etc. choke on this large of a calendar.

To get around this, you can use the one year download file and import method. However when 2020 rolls into town, you will need to come back and get that file and import it.

To use the download and import method for just one year:

    Click the following link from a browser like Safari, Firefox, etc. Press on link and hold for iPhones/iPads/Android/etc. Your calendar app will ask if you'd like to import it.

                  Transit Calendar ics File 2019

To try and subscribe to the larger permanent Transit Calendar:

Best to do this from a desktop or at least laptop computer because of the large file size.

1. Get your Google account and LOG INTO GOOGLE.
2. Go to
3. Click the down-arrow next to "Other calendars" in the left column. A popup menu will appear.
4. Select "Add by URL" from the popup menu.
5. Copy and Paste one of these lines in the field provided:

6. Click the Add Calendar button.

Technical details:

Calendar ID:

Calendar url:

Full 10 year ics file:

Subscribe to a Daily Agenda of Transits

To have a daily agenda of transits emailed to you:

Sign into Google and go to  

Click on the Settings wheel, then select Settings from the popup menu. Select the Transit Calendar on the left, then scroll down to Event Notifications.  Set up your email notifications there.

Weird or Duplicate Entries

If you find your Android Calendar app has duplicate entries, or other weird problems, you can reset it by unlinking to the main Transit Calendar.  Then clear the cache like this:

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications
Press the menu button and choose "filter"
Select "ALL"
Go to "Calendar Storage" click on it
Press "Clear data"

This should delete all the calendar data on your device.  Now relink to the Transit Calendar.

See this page for more info:

The data for this calendar is calculated with Solar Fire 8 on Windows 7.