Shawn Sykora was born in 1963 in Panorama City and raised in Van Nuys, CA. Shawn attended Van Nuys High School and studied math and science at Cal State University Northridge.

He has been a student of, and was a teacher at Carroll Righter's in Hollywood. Shawn is a "Pro  Astrologer" for Astrolome.com. Shawn teaches his "Astrology 1234" system which is a system beyond "Sun sign" astrology.  A path to "know thyself" and understand more about people and life in general. As a professional astrologer, Shawn enjoys helping people delve into the mystery of their lives. 

Shawn looks forward to helping you to unravel your mysteries. Shawn's readings include the use of tropical natal charts, secondary progressions, solar arcs, transits, draconic, asteroids, horary, composites, synastry, relocation charts and other tools. He uses Solar Fire, Kepler, and Graphic Astrology software. Shawn was privately tutured by Astrologer Diane Ronngren, and has also studied  with astrologers  Marian March, Gloria Stein, Arthyr Chadbourne, Ted Phillips, Jr., Loda Shaw, Jr., Judy Johns, Michael Munkasey, Angel Thompson to name a few. Shawn is a Level 3 Reiki practitioner. He worked as a motion picture sound editor for 25 years. His IMDB summary is here:


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