Thanks so much Shawn for your time today ... it was so informative, and I really appreciate the time you gave me!!!!
-T.T., Simi Valley, CA

Shawn! You have given me a most incredible gift! Very thoughtful and heartfelt. I am very very touched by your kindness and the time you took to do this. I look forward to many years of friendship!!  You've given me a lot to think about and explore. I look forward to it with an open heart and mind.
-J.E., Los Angeles, CA

Great presentation, Shawn. I know it is a challenge to crystallize all the facets of astrology in two hours and its mysteries revealed the longer one pursues it.
-P.S., Studio City, CA

Shawn Sykora is the MOST amazing!!! Astrologer!!! I remember when he first looked at my chart; he was able to tell me my life story in about 20min, i mean my early childhood, young adulthood, lessons, life experiences, it blew my mind!!!! all that from just that one piece of paper?! I find his readings to be profoundly aware, accurate..., and significantly personal; which eases my experiences.... the more challenging ones. Most astrologers give you the canned version of the stars in your sky...... Sykora expounds into deep inner awareness on levels of truth and love with sincere kindness and everyday language. He's been my ONLY astrologer for the past 10 yrs..... I love you Shawn!
-D.B., Mesa, AZ

I loved my 10 mins with you at the Simi Event, so I'm sure you'll give me more insight with my special hour!  I'm jazzed!
-T.T., Simi Valley, CA

Love the info! Tx!
-P.S., Seal Beach, CA

Shawn Sykora is well-acquainted with the vast knowledge base of Astrology, and he brings into teaching and chart interpretation many variables that are frequently overlooked or underappreciated by other Astrologers. Shawn Sykora has a comprehensive, all-inclusive style of doing Astrology, and he is able to combine multiple factors into a finely-tuned, insightful, and informative reading.
-R.D.,  Thousand Oaks, CA

Shawn Sykora is an amazing astrologer and life coach.
Within just 15 minutes of my session he gave me incredible insights into my situation.
This was my second reading from him as his forecasting from the first one was right on target!
-C.P., North Hollywood, CA 

Shawn Sykora has created birth charts for both of my children. It was and continues to be a wonderful reference tool to help make those tough intuitive leaps that parenting requires. How my children learn, process information, how their intuitive map works for them; the "reading" helped me to put it all together (shawns help) to have a clearer understanding for the things that were more ambiguous which ultimately has improved the communication of those things to my children in a manner inwhich they "got it!" Leading them to their "Ah Ha" moments of inspiration. Thanks Shawn Love you so much!
-D.B., Mesa, AZ

U are right on it with your comments. 
-T.M., Burbank, CA

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