Friday, April 1, 2011

Action-Packed April Calendar

by Shawn Sykora, AstrologistBlog

April 2011 – The biggy - Neptune into the sign of Pisces! ... and now we get to our interior and connect to our selves and the world. If you're playing a card game like astrology bridge, bet Aries, or fold.

April 1 - Right off the bat!  Mars enters Aries and the energy just won't stop!  We get the bolt of energy and action IS the answer.  This is more dynamic by the fact that Mars rules Aries and the planets in Aries now are: Mercury (retrograde), Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus!

April 2 - The Moon will run through Aries and conjunct FIVE planets, 'Stellium for 6 please!'  If you have Aries energy you might just hit light speed.  If slow is your better style, carry supplies, no rest for the weary. (Not to mention Retrograde Mercury hits  FIVE as well over the next 17 days.)

April 3 -DAY 3- you tired yet?!  Today Mars touches Uranus, then Sun opposes Saturn.  The action is beyond over the top, and hopefully genius wins out meltdown.  Then it's an exaltation showdown. Power vs. the old way, with a conclusion on the 6th.

April 4 -The biggy - Neptune into the sign of Pisces. This IS truly HUGE. Think Galaxy, no Universe. This is the all encompassing all feeling, all knowing kind of energy we need to deal with all the changes that are right in our face at this time. The power of connection of the whole is paramount to the salvation of our Earth and humanity.  Well Neptune into Pisces is just the plant and position to do it. The huge jolt from Uranus moving into Aries has started to shake up everything.  Now we will use our compassion to unite and use the power of the masses to come together and assist one another to do what is right for the people- that is being themselves (noting Ayn Rand).

We will all join and heal the world.  Many will start to think like the few do about health, healing, healthy: food, thoughts, politics, getting along, legalize natural medicine, Astrology, being free, listening to the self.

Here's a quote ..........When we realize we are part of the same family then we'll come up with real solutions.
–Charles H. Wright  

April 6 - What happened late over the weekend? Now Jupiter lets us see the positive.

April 9 - Pluto stations retrograde and the Sun connects with Retrograde Mercury- slow down and work the plan.

April 11 -Mars square Pluto and Mercury hits Jupiter. New do vs. old power.

April 17 - New Moon at 27 Libra.    See Linda Hill, see what rocks!

April 18 - Mars opposite Saturn. The Moon squaring the U.S. Nodes, and Mars and Saturn in Virgo-Pisces dwads look for the care vocations come under pressure.

April 19 - Mercury conjunct Mars.  Last hit of the FIVE

April 20 - Sun enters Taurus – first man in.  The first feeling of, enough of this action, time to rest, enjoy, eat, count your adornments.  Wait –Venus into Aries, back to Mars is ruling most.

April 22 - Venus touches Uranus, Genius, youth and beauty, come out.

April 23 - Mercury station direct 12 Aries 53.

April 27 - Venus square Pluto. 

April 30 - Venus opposite Saturn, Mars conjunct Jupiter.

May 2  - A new Moon in Taurus squares Neptune's Nodes, we get to more slow down and through May non-luminary  planets enter Taurus (Mercury,Venus, Mars)... of 'What do you like and want'?!

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