Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do You Feel Lucky? or....Venus is tucked in, under the Sun's protection?

Dear friends,

How are you?

Having a tuff Mercury retrograde? I went looking for a sweet spot and found this...

Venus is moving along with the Sun right now (Cazimi). August 16th 2011 (PDT)

A gift of luck? Below is a definition of Cazimi from wikipedia. As you will read: Now is possibly a lucky time. If you know your charts look for the aspects...., if you have a nice aspect to 23º/24º of Leo that will help.

There are another 24 hours of this possibly lucky time, as of this posting. It ends around 5 AM PDT Aug 17th.

If you feel it, this lucky time may pay off.

Sun 0º Venus with in 17 minutes of arc is defined below from wiki:


Cazimi (also spelled Casimi, and sometimes called Zaminium) is a technical Arabic word meaning "heart of the Sun" or "in the heart of the Sun." It is an astrological term meaning a planet that is in exact conjunction with or very near the precise center of the solar disc. A planet that forms a conjunction with the Sun within 17' (arc minutes) of partile (exactitude) is said to be Cazimi, literally engulfed and fortified by Sol and, as it also may be interpreted, "in the heart of the Sun." According to a psychological approach to astrology the Sun, representing the Ego, engulfs the energies of the planet in Cazimi and is said to imbue it with the intensely positive and life-giving energy and power of the Sun.

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